Active911 sending user created alerts to Emergency Reporting
  • Starting about 6 months ago, maybe a little longer, Active911 randomly started passing through our alerts generated by an officer to Emergency Reporting. In the past, only alerts coming from our communications center were sent through to ER. Now if an Officer wants to send out a message on Active911, it gets sent to ER and it treats them as an incident, messing up the call numbers and causing me to have to delete each one. 

    Is there a way to change it back to allow only those alerts sent from our communications center to be sent over to ER? I already spoke to ER and they said there wasn't anything they could do on their end to filter them out. 

  • Skyler,

    We are in the process of getting this problem solved.  We are aware that there was a change with ER and now alert reports are being sent when this should not have occurred.  

    We also do know how frustrating this problem has been because of the time it cost to change these problem. 
    Thank you for being apart of the Active911 community and providing us with the feedback to make it better.