Offline Maps
  • Our fire district is very large, and we often lose all mapping ability when going into the country. I scanned back over three years of posts and saw questions about Gaia, Waze, and KML/KMZ/GIS files, but is there a different solution?

    Initially, I would like to see my location, markers, and aerial view layer in the Active911 map when I am offline, using the GPS (when cell tower triangulation is unavailable) built into my phone (currently the screen goes blank except for one blue dot, which says nothing about my whereabouts). I do not need to see the real-time locations of other firefighters.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to see 1:24k topos as an option, for doing remote rescues and wildland fires.

    Currently you can download offline maps to Google Maps, which would work for us, but they don't show up on Active. Seems like we would need to store the markers locally (not too big a file for us, though we have a lot of markers) and just tell Active to use Google's offline map. Possible? Is there a better way?