Receiving Multiple Alerts For One Call...
  • I recently upgraded from a Galaxy S7 to a new Galaxy S10. Since downloading the app I now receive 4 alerts for every call we receive. "Continuous Re-paging" is not selected in the settings. Please advise.
  • Yep. I too have an S10 on Verizon. I get an initial page and then when my dept is cleared, I get a second page. I think all of us on the dept get the same thing. It has to do with how our Central Dispatch updates the call. Somehow they create a second call for the same one. It's weird because as the initial call is updated in the app, we don't get a new page for every update on the scene.
  • Same here but it's happening on my iOS device. With me, it alerts with every status change. Initial dispatch, enroute, onscene, in service, every change in status. I've looked for a way to toggle it off but have been unsuccessful.  
  • Are you sure your "Agency" is set correctly with regard to duplicate alarms/alerts?