How to copy Lat/Long coordinates from an alert
  • I am part of a mountain rescue team and we often get Lat/Long coordinates as part of our pages. 

    Does anyone have an easy solution to take Lat/Long coordinates from an alert in iOS and get them into Gaia?

    Specifically, dispatch usually includes coordinates in a strange format as part of the alert text. We need to be able to copy this text and paste it into another mapping app, but the copy functionality in A911 on iOS is limited. We can copy individual fields on Android by long-pressing, but this doesn't seem to work on iOS.

  • Our fire district is huge and often takes us out of cell range. We would like this option, but prefer something even more seamless. Offline maps in Active itself? I will start a new thread if needed.
  • Thank you for the suggestions.  While this is not currently on our road map, we are always looking for new features and ways we can provide more to our clients. 

    Please continue to use this space as we appreciate all the feedback and as always if you are in need of support the team is available at 541-223-7992 or