Heartbeat log file
  • Does anyone know of a way to determine if the PC app is Connected via a program ?  I have the PC app in the fire station for volunteer fire department and we do not have anyone in the station normally. Occasionally, the Active911 won't be connected.  Not necessarily a problem with Active911, but sometimes when the network drops or if Windows does one of it mysterious things, it will no longer be connected.  I have a program to send me a snapshot of the screen twice a day that I can visually check,but would like to have a method where I could automatically check more frequently.  Another application I use in unattended mode writes what they call a heartbeat log file.  The write the current time to a txt file every minute. I have a program that every 15 minutes, reads this file and checks if the time is within the last 5 minutes. If not, they there may be a problem and it sends me an email. The application writes a number that is often referred to as UNIX time.  Number of seconds since 1/1/1970 .